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Wines of the Month: June

June 2017

Refosco “Pucino”, Collavini 2015 is a great red wine acquired from the vine that mythical hero Diomedes brought back from the Trojan War. Named “Pucino”, legend has it that it was planted at the Timavo estuary, which was given the name Pucinum. Fresh and medium bodied, it’s an ideal match with the patata novella, as it has a smell of fresh raspberry and cream as well as something a bit earthier and more herbal, like liquorice.

Our White Wine selection is from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy. Ribolla Gialla, Dario Coos 2016 is perfectly matched with patata novella. Characterized by its firm acidity, and peach, citrus and apple notes, this wine delivers a faint floral aromatic profile. With a sumptuous deep colour, it’s a light and uplifting white wine served perfectly chilled with your warm summer vibes.




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