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Cocktail of the month: The Smooth Talker

May 2017

This month in the QP Lounge our craft cocktail favourite is the Smooth Talker. We’ve all met a smooth talker before and just like a smooth talker, this cocktail is full of charm. Made with American bourbon, cranberry and lemon juice – the Smooth Talker packs an elegant punch. Served in a Martini glass, this cocktail was made to be savoured slowly, seductively and designed to get those lips talking.

How to make it:

Take a Martini glass and garnish it beautifully with white sugar around the rim, using a liquefied sugar and water mix. Leave this to dry. Pour a 60 ml measure of cranberry juice, 20 ml of lemon juice and a smooth fiery American bourbon in the shaker. Give it a powerful shake, strain into the Martini glass and garnish with a couple of nice round slices of lemon, pierced on a cocktail stick and serve.




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